More on CiviBanking

CiviBanking seems to be doing a great job. As I'm doing my best to process a year's worth of bank statements, the UI is getting tuned. We're still an iteration away from a really superb interface, but it's quite doable. Many thanks to Björn Endres for building a great Ajax-style tool for creating contributions derived from a payment ... even though the UI has changed a bit, it's conceptually real smart. So when I'm done with this initial massive processing run, a real big update is going to hit the GitHub repo. As I will be rolling straight into the next CiviBanking gig, you can bet on more fun stuff coming. 

Over the last few weeks, when I was not processing bank payments and updating CiviBanking, I've been handling customer communications, or rather ex-customers non-communications. Hard to respond to people who ask the same thing over and over, hoping for a different answer -- or to people whose question you really, really cannot answer because you do not know the answer yourself. Which of course in their eyes is not an answer ... but I hope to get that cleared up over the next few weeks.

And it looks like I'm doing the keynote at the Dutch Joomladays again. It's always a great event, and I'll do my best to make it even better!